Norditalia - Arriane Power Nebulizer

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Piston nebulizer Arianne Power

Aerosoltherapy appliance provided of innovative piston compressor non-stop working. The operative pressure ensures a fast nebulization time and particle dimension therapeutically effective, also thanks to the 2 speeds Neboplus Ampul. The compact dimensions facilitate the transport and the storage. Accessories compartment, handle, cable winder, ampul-housing and spare filter. Modern design, crash proof plastic case and attractive colours. 

2 Speeds Neboplus ampul

 An innovative ampul that produces particles with a dimensional range efficacious for all airways that offers the possibility of choosing the nebulization speed. It permits reducing medicine waste and increases treatment efficacy. It also works in an inclined position, favouring bedbound patients. Constructed in medical standard, biocompatible and non-toxic materials. Capacity 8 ml. Residue less than 0,5 ml.


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