Spengler® Fetal Doppler with 2mhz Probe

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Pocket Doppler Spengler is a portable device for the examination of the fetus and blood vessels.

Intended to be used in hospitals, in the office or at home, it is equipped with a high-resolution color LCD screen displays the values ​​of the fetal heart rate, bar graph and pulse waves.

The value of the fetal heart rate is displayed in red when measuring outside normal range.

3 working modes available:

- Real-time display of the fetal heart rate,
- Average of fetal heart rate,
- Manual mode.

Doppler Spengler also has an audio output (3.5 jack) can connect with earphone or recorder with audio input.

Power: 2 x AA LR6.

Included: 1 Fetal Probe 2mhz

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