MDF® Blood Pressure Cuff > Adult D-Ring > Double Tube

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Handcrafted Since 1971 | Three-Year Warranty | Latex Free

The MDF Latex-Free Blood Pressure Cuff > Adult D-Ring > Double Tube delivers superior patient comfort and performance. It is handcrafted for use with any major brands of manual and electronic/automatic blood pressure monitors with double tube configuration.

Latex Free: All MDF blood pressure cuffs are 100% latex free (within US & EU) to prevent any latex allergic reactions in professionals and those in their care.

Compatibility:All major brands of blood pressure systems with single tube configuration (Luer lock connector not included).

Standards and Requirements: American Heart Association, European Standard 1060-1:1995, European Standard 1060-2:1995, ANSI/AAMI SP10: 2002.

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