MDF® Desk Mercury Sphygmomanometer

Product Code: 11820016

Rs 7000.00
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Handcrafted Since 1971 | Three-Year Warranty | Lifetime Calibration (US only) | Latex Free

The MDF Desk Mercury Sphygmomanometer, stress tested and calibrated, is the most accurate sphygmomanometer available on the market. It combines the performance of a traditional mercurial instrument with mobility, durability, and portability. Equipped with safety features and encased in a simple, sleek aluminum case, the mercurial manometer is protected from external elements.

Mercury Scale: Easy-to-read Resilica 300mmHg scale with a glass mercury column is recessed for added protection and minimization of the parallax effect. An internal locking device in the mercury reservoir prevents mercury spillage during transport, storage, or maintenance.

Included Accessory: ID tag.

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